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Power Ab Roller Resistance Training System

  • AB Abdominal Exercise Wheel Detachable Devices for Body Fitness Strength Training Roller.Strengthens abs, shoulders, arms, and back.Non-skid wheels glide across floor. Double Wheels Ab Roller Wheel Pull Rope ABS Abdominal Waist Exercise Slimming Abdominal Exercise Equipment
  • More Workout in Less Time:Get more abdominal exercises in less time by moving the rollers away from your body. You can do exercise at anytime, anywhere, to burn your calories, reduce belly, practice abdominal muscles, create perfection figure.
  • High quality, suitable size, good flexibility, safe and durable. The pressure-resistant rollers are made of high-quality ABS material, which has strong compression resistance and grooves on it to increase friction. Supporting the crossbar, made according to the product structure, perfectly matched with other parts, the structure is stable and firm, and more secure.
  • Shape the Perfect Body:Both men and women can use. Men can use it to stretch the waist, exercise the abdominal muscles and the chest muscles, stretch the arm muscles. Women can use it to slim the waist, lift the buttocks and breasts, stretch leg lines, shrink the abdomen, enhance physical fitness and improve the resistance easily. It can also keep you away from cervical spondylosis, lumbar muscle strain, subhealth and so on.



Why Is This Product for You
Because you are a busy and overscheduled persons that still wants to stay fit, yet lacks time to do long-lasting performing workouts at gym. From now on, you can sculpt your abs from the comfort of your own home with no effort whatsoever due to this AB roller wheel, the only device you need in order to sculpt your body just the way you want it in no time.

Some of the amazing features of this product:

  1. Products are in line with international safety and health standards,Healthy environmental protection material, non-toxic odor-free.
  2. Full-featured, detailed production in place, in line with ergonomic, reliable quality for you to bring an extraordinary convenience experience.
  3. Novel in appearance and practical,multi functional and more fashionable life necessary yield.
  4. Compact and lightweight,portable and durable,easy to store placement,and you can use it anytime at home.
  5. Safe and effective for in-home training,Results are guaranteed.


After using it in the morning
and before bed, we have already
noticed significant change in
our stomach... We definitely feel
more confident than ever!


Our award winning PowerAbs™ allows you to have an effective full body workout in the comfort of your home! With PowerAbs™, you have everything you need to target absolutely every muscle group in your body.You don't need a gym, and you don't need gym equipment in your home to be healthy, strong and fit.

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